28 September 2013

A Poor Fashionista's Guide to Paris: Le Marais

I've now been in Paris for around 5 weeks (blog writing had to be put on hold as it was rather difficult to settle in) and I feel like I'm already becoming a part of my dream world, the world of fashion! Last week I attended Vogue Fashion's Night out on Rue Saint Honore (left) and this weekend I've been at Tranoi trade show (a blog post about this event will be coming soon!) So having already spent a fair amount of time roaming the streets of Paris I thought I would put together a concise guide of Paris for those who love fashion but don't have the cash to splash! I will write a post about a new area each week so watch this space.

The number one hot spot to visit and the area I'm going to start with is Le Marais, catch a line 1 Metro to Saint Paul and cruise up the escalator straight onto the street. Le Marais is the best place in Paris to find vintage clothing. My favourite store and the generally acknowledged best is The King of Frip. Located on Rue du Roi de Sicile this store has so many clothes inside and they are all reasonably priced (for a vintage store in Paris anyhow). I bought the cape coat pictured above in this store for 40 euros which given the quality of it is a total bargain  Along the same road there a few other vintage stores which are worth a pop in.

The King of Frip
Once you've shopped and dropped make your way to 14 Rue Pavée to L'eclaire de Genie for an absolutely splendiferous ecalire. With a new collection each season these cakes are the patisserie world equivalent of Chanel. This season I would recommend the Caramel Pop Corn eclaire which is crème caramel salted butter with caramel fondant topped with caramel popcorn. A bit pricey at 5 euros each but well worth it in my opinion. If you feel like really splashing out or taking home a tasty gift then they come in boxes of 4, 6 or 10. If you feel like something more savoury then you have to go with the falafel that the area is famous for. There are hundreds of stores and they are all cheap and tasty!
Once you've purchased your eclaire/falafel make your way to the Seine and eat your food on the river banks. Once you've eaten it all up walk through the area, admiring the timelessly chic Parisians and gazing into designer boutiques until you reach the Pompidou centre. This is one of my favourite places to visit. The place outside is perfect for people watching and inside is a fabulous modern art collection that I find truly inspiring.
And so ends your day in Le Marais, if you feel like going out for dinner then I would recommend a creperie because what else would you eat in Paris?! I hope you've found this post interesting/helpful and please leave any questions in the comments below!

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