09 December 2013

Brights in Winter?

Pink Zip Front Jumpsuit - Miss Selfridge
Stereotypically winter is the time for subdued colours and rich fabrics. We all search for a Christmas party dress in a dark green or red made from velvet or covered in sequins. But why, when the world of fashion is ever changing and challenging the norm do we still stick to these traditions? When it's dark outside and everything is gloomy would it not be more sensible to brighten our days with colourful, bold outfits? This winter break out of the stereotype and instead of buying your standard LBD go for something bright to really stand out! I recently bought this bright pink jumpsuit (left) and will be wearing it all winter. Here are some of my favourite bright dresses around.

Sleek Scube Knit Skater Dress - Forever 21

Maxi Dress by Wal G - Topshop
Crepe Seam Flippy Dress - Topshop
Connie Dress by Jones and Jones -Topshop

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