22 January 2014

Portfolio Shoot: The Cabinet of Curiosities

I feel this series of posts will require a brief introduction so here it is. I have just applied for fashion styling and imaging courses at various universities in England and over the next few weeks will be attending interviews. I have sorely neglected my blog in the past few months due to preparing my portfolio for these interviews and now that my portfolio is finished I am going to post the images from each shoot on my blog (one shoot per day). I haven't really ever featured any of my own photographs on my blog before so be nice and give me feedback!

Today's post is the first shoot I did entitled 'The Cabinet of Curiosities'. The concept first came to me whilst I was re-reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Harry marvels at the bizarre objects in cabinets at Borgin and Burke's shop. My mother owns various animal skulls, which she used at art college for still lives, that are kept in a glass fronted cabinet in our dining room. The combination of these two inspirations came together to form the following jewellery shoot.

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