07 June 2014

Current Inspirations: Kylie Jenner

About three weeks ago I sat down and watched an episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, something I had always avoided like the plague and ever since I've just been addicted. What I'm most obsessed with though is Kylie Jenner's style. She is by far the edgiest of the Kardashian clan and I just love her laid-back, modern LA style. Think black, baggy and simple. 

High quality baggy t-shirts in grey or black are the staple item of this look along with some bad-ass stompy shoes with buckles (my favourite place for this style of shoe is by far Topshop). High wasited distressed denim shorts with a cropped top and a flannel shirt round your waist is a great way to achieve Kylie's style. Pair it with tousled hair, some round sunglasses, a choker style necklace and some stiletto style nails and you have it down. The easiest place to find clothes in Kylie's style is the Kendall and Kylie collection for PacSun

If you're going for a more dressed up look go for some cropped black cigarette pants with a baggy vest or another cropped top. Throw you're hair in a messy bun, add a ton of rings, layered necklaces and some strappy sandals  and once again you're set.

For make-up keep it natural but the key is the flick. I just went on youtube and looked through a couple of make-up tutorials which I recommend if you're going for a specific look like this!
Leather trousers can be scary but disco pants would also
look great here
I love this football referee style t-shirt
I love the Clueless feel to this outfit
I love everything about this outfit!
This is a great more dressed up look
I'm obsessed with this nude jumpsuit


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