23 February 2013

In the beginning there was Gossip Girl;

On the 30th of September 2008 I sneakily logged onto my computer whilst my family were asleep in order to watch Gossip Girl, a show I was forbidden from watching at the time being only 13 years old. The episode was entitled 'Serena Also Rises' and featured New York Fashion Week. I was transfixed by this seemingly glamorous industry and from then on my love for fashion just grew and grew. All pocket money went on issues of Teen Vogue and then later Vogue, Company and Harper's Bazaar as I began to understand more of the content.

I've watched the rise of fashion blogging from my bedroom at home and I've finally gained the guts to start my own blog. They say that every successful blogger has an angle and it seemed very clear to me what mine should be. Being an 18-year-old living at home still and struggling to finish my final year of high school I am permanently skint, but somehow I still manage to own an extensive wardrobe and jewellery box. My angle? Working fashion on a next-to-nothing budget!

I don't think I'm overly knowledgeable on fashion and I am always learning more about designers, history and design itself. I keep an eye on the trends but rather than copying catwalk looks I like to draw inspiration from them and form my own interpretations! Inspiration can be found everywhere and that's something I want to share on this blog.

So watch this space for posts on what's been inspiring me and what outfits I've managed to conjure up from a tenner!

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