23 February 2013

Current Inspirations

The animal print combo on the right had me digging
out any prints I could get my hands on
This week I started watching 'The Carrie Diaries', a prequel TV show to Sex and the City. Although the programme cannot be recommended for its script or cinematography, it has an amazing costume department. They have created a wardrobe that highlights the good elements of 80s fashion and leaves things such as rat-tails and mullets in a forgotten corner where they belong. The snazzy outfits have had me in an 80s whirl of bright colours and scrunchies all week. Think bright block colours, animal prints, excessive sequins and oversized accessories.  Here are some of my favourite looks:
I can't actually decide which of these numbers I like best!
I love the over-the-top sparkle on this dress
AnnaSophia owns colour blocking
The peplum skirt is bang on the high-street
trends and that scarf is gorgeous!


  1. Love this show! And I love her style! Great start to your blog! Check out mine and lets follow one another:)


    1. Thank you so much! She definitely has amazing style. I'll take a look!

  2. She has a great style!!Nice post!=)