05 March 2013

A Multitude of Magazines!

When you walk into WH Smiths to buy a magazine you're confronted with rows after rows of magazines so I wanted to write a post on my recommendations to help when deciding which to choose. I remember when I started being interested in fashion I wasn't AS scared because I was only around 13 so the choice of 'child' fashion magazines was fairly limited to Teen Vogue. But when I think about it, Teen Vogue gets it so right that there don't need to be any other fashion magazines for young people. If you have a child or know someone between around the ages of 11-14 who is interested in fashion then they should definitely be reading this magazine!
Company February 2013

Teen Vogue February 2013

It soon came to a point at which I wanted to start reading more 'adult' fashion magazines. Aside from Vogue (which I will return to later) probably the most popular fashion magazine in England is Company Magazine. It has accessible, street-wearable fashion ideas that are perfect for inspiring everyday or evening wear. The emphasis is based much more on street style than haute-couture. It successfully breaches the gap between glossy magazines like Vogue and fashion blogs. I would recommend this magazine to anyone with a casual interest in fashion who wants to know the street trends. Company is also the most affordable (£2.50) so this is usually the one I buy each month.

Nylon February 2013
As I became more and more interested in fashion I began to explore different areas and branched out my reading matter to more varied magazines like i-D, Haper's Bazaar and W magazine. In this exploratory period I discovered Nylon. This is probably my favourite magazine that I read. It always features current and interesting people. As well as great fashion features it has articles on music, television and films. It's a little more indie than many others and although it is quite expensive in England (£4.50), it's definitely worth it! I would recommend this magazine to anyone and everyone!

The last magazine I want to talk about is Vogue. The original fashion magazine, the fashion bible, Vogue is THE fashion magazine. Even people who know nothing about fashion know this. The main complaint people have with Vogue is that there are too many advertisements however ads are not only an important source of revenue for the company but also can help you to stay on-top of trends. Fashion houses will change their advertisements to reflect that season's collection and so can be used as inspiration. There are 18 countries that produce a Vogue each month, the most famous/popular being American Vogue, Vogue British and Vogue France. Each version has an individual style which reflects the country's general style (e.g. French Vogue features a lot of black clothes, nudity and smoking). The three just mentioned are must-reads each month for anyone seriously into fashion but I would also recommend Italian, Russian and Korean Vogue as others to check out from time to time.

American Vogue February 2013
Vogue France February 2013

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