28 July 2013

Current Inspirations: Cocktails

With the summer in full swing (and my reaching the legal drinking age) I've been drinking possibly more than my fair share of cocktails. Someone recently said to me that you can tell what a person is like by their choice in cocktail. I'm not sure if this is really accurate but it got me thinking about dressing to suit your choice of drink. That doesn't make much sense but bear with me!

First example, and my cocktail of choice, a cosmopolitan. The main icon for cosmopolitans is obviously Carrie Bradshaw. A cosmo drinker is bold, fashionable and exciting. Think bright colours, bold prints and very daring. Pick a girly dress but wear it with quite rebellious, punky accessories and sky high heels. For example, this dress (Topshop) with lots of big rings and this gold chain necklace (H&M) with these heels (Office).

The second drink is a Martini. For inspiration look to bond girls, think professional, suave and mysterious. Stick to black dresses that are simple yet sexy, cutouts would add an exciting twist. Wear with minimal accessories and plain court heels. This black cutout maxi dress from Topshop is perfect. I would pair it with these plain black court heels (Office) and this teal contrast clutch (Accessorize).

A mojito drinker is sophisticated and summery. I imagine Blake Lively as inspiration here, think very summery and casually fashionable, the kind of girl that turns heads without even trying and appears to not have a care in the world. Wear white, like this shift dress (Topshop) with embellished sandals like these (Accessorize) and a simple gold necklace (Miss Selfridge).

I hope you found this post inspiring! Leave any comments and check back next Sunday for another Current Inspirations post or Tuesday for a My Wardrobe post!!

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